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V.4 - Of Blood and Gold

Fabien Nury  & Fabien Bedouel  & Merwan  & Maurin Defrance

Dieses Album ist in Ihrem Land nicht verfügbar.

Zusammenfassung des Herausgebers Glénat BD

For Freedom, Brotherhood and Honor. The Riff rised and all Marocco threatens to follow... Calixte, recently converted to Islam, became a War Dog and took the name of Khalil al Islami . Léon on his side has to choose between fortune and brotherhood. He eventually joins his force to his close friend and to the rebels. Faces to them stand two colonial armies, the French and the Spanish, partners in defense of their own Empire. The Republic of the Rif has no long to live even if the Death is behind the door, victory is not requested anymore to build Legends...

Fortsetzung der Zusammenfassung

Band : 4/4 - Khalil