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Camp Julien

Author biography Camp Julien

Julien Camp was born in 1981 in France. He grew up nearby the Mont-de-Marsan air base, where his father, enrolled in the Air Force, introduced young Julien to aviation at the age of 10. In parallel, Julien never stopped drawing, and he graduated several years later with a degree in object design and training in modeling. In 2012, after gaining experience as a designer and 2D modeler, he decided to combine his passions for aviation and illustration and presented his portfolio to publisher Zephyr. First published in the collaborative series "Emergency," he soon moved on to a full-scale and ambitious four-author project titled "L'Aigle à deux têtes" ("Wings of War," Europe Comics), teaming with scriptwriter Wallace on the "Eagle" trilogy, which recounts the story of an American B-17 pilot during WWII; his life is destined to intersect with that of a Nazi fighter pilot, whose story is told in parallel in "Adler."

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