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Daphné Collignon

Author biography Daphné Collignon

Once she graduated from the Emile-Cohl school, Daphné Collignon started her working life doing the artwork for Isabelle Dethan's "Le Rêve de Pierres" (The Dream of the Stones), which she followed up with two volumes of "Coelacanthes." In 2009, she collaborated with the renowned reporter Anne Nivat on the album "Correspandante de Guerre 1" (War Correspondent 1). The next year she participated in Frank Giroud's series: "Destins." Since then, she's had regular collaborations with the writer Virginie Greiner, and has also illustrated kids comics such as "Badésirédudou", "Mélodie des Iles", "Trois Gouttes de Sang", "Chaân", "La Petite Maison dans la Prairie", "La Guerre de l'Ours," to name but a few. Daphné Collignon is also a teacher and graphic designer for video games.

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