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José Manuel Robledo

Author biography José Manuel Robledo

José Robledo was born in Madrid in 1979. Although he started by studying philosophy, followed by a course on film writing, he got a degree in Fine Arts from Complutense University in Madrid. There, in 2001, he met Marcial Toledano, who he continued working with. They've had great success in France with the "Ken Games" series, published by Dargaud, who introduced them to the general public. In 2012, he participated in a collective project "WW 2.2 Volume 2, Operation Felix." A sequel to "Ken Games" entitled "Louviers" was later released as a one shot. In 2016 the pair released the first volume of "Tebori" (Dargaud, 2016 Europe Comics), a tattoo-embellished Japanese mafia thriller.

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