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Author biography Nob

Born in 1973 in Tours, Bruno Chevrier, otherwise known as Nob, has always harbored a boundless passion for all things comics and computers. He set up his first fanzine at college, and got first prize in the comic book competition of Grenoble Festival at the age of 16, and then another prize two years later in the schools competition of Angoulême Festival. He came to Paris in 1994 to pursue his studies in Visual Expression. Once he'd finished his studies, he got a job in a company that produced merchandise for TV cartoons, such as Looney Toons and the Simpsons. He took part in a 'young talent' competition organized by Glénat, that opened the doors of "Tchô !" magazine to him. Nob soon became one of the pillars of the publication with his series "Bogzzz" (4 albums between 2002 and 2005) and "Mamette," a series of comedy strips started in 2006 and amounting to 6 volumes, as well as 3 volumes of a parallel series entitled "Les souvenirs de Mamette," and a spin-off series about cooking. Since 2004, Nob has also illustrated and scripted "Mon ami Groumpf," published in "D-Lire" magazine and then as comic books by Glénat. Nob was editor-in-chief and graphic designer of "Tchô !" magazine from 2001, before handing over the mantle in 2008. Even though Nob's name cropped up from time to time in Spirou from about 2004 onwards for his illustrations for Julien Neel's series "Indien et Pingouin," it wasn't until around 2010 that we started to see more of him. First it was through the illustration and scripting of a few panels for the "Atelier Mastodonte" collective, lead by Trondheim, of which he became a permanent member. Then in 2013 came his comedy series "Dad" (2016 Europe Comics), which tells the story of a single dad with 4 daughters. Readers immediately took to it, and in March 2015, "Dad" was at last published in comic book format by Dupuis. Nob today lives in a small village by the Pyrenees.

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