Author biography Zidrou

Zidrou (Benoît Drousie) was born in 1962 in Brussels. Starting out as a teacher, he began writing books and songs for children in the early 90s. In 1991, he met the illustrator Godi with whom he created "L'Elève Ducobu". An thus his career as a comics writer began! He created numerous series for children and teenagers, from "Crannibales" to "Tamara", from "Scott Zombi" to "Sac à Puces", as well as taking over "La Ribambelle". He is also the author of the more realistic but no less sensitive, " La Peau de l'ours", "Lydia", "Folies Bergère", "La Mondaine" and "Les 3 Fruits". In 2015 Zidrou was back in fine form with three new albums: "Le Bouffon", with Francis Porcel; a new family series "Les Beaux Étés", with Jordi; and, in collaboration with P. Berthet - a thriller set in deepest darkest Australia, "La Crime qui est le tien".

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