V.1 -C.2 - Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch

Aaron Dembski-Bowden & Tazio Bettin & Kevin Enhart

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Tasked with defending a mining colony, Kill Team Agathon were sent to Sidra, an ore-moon in the treacherous Calaphrax Cluster. There, the team hunted vicious Ur-Ghuls, bloodthirsty and hard-to-kill Xenos which lurked in the shadows. Young and eager, Ultramarine Tiberius questioned the glory to be gained from their task, yearning to be at the forefront of the battle against the Xenos hordes. Along with Kaelar, he fearlessly defeated a wild Ur-Ghul in a skilful display of courage. Meanwhile, Rurik spotted an ominous ship piercing the atmosphere. Tiberius’s desires have come to pass, as the battlefront arrives on Sidra at last.

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Volume : 1 - Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch - Volume 1 - Chapter 2