V.1 -C.4 - Warhammer: Dawn of War III

Ryan O'Sullivan & Daniel Indro & Kevin Enhart

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Unchained, Gabriel Angelos swoops into the battle between the Blood Ravens and the Eldars seamlessly. To save Olivarr and Tarkus, he faces the fearsome Loranel in a vicious showdown. Unable to match the Godsplitter, the Eldar flees. Meanwhile, in a fight against the Orks near the Thunderhawk, Ramos is defeated. Undeterred, Cyrus and Martellus take on the Ork leaders, Grimjaw and Mista Tinka. However, they are growing weary, will Gabriel Angelos reach them in time?

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Volume : 1 - Warhammer: Dawn of War III - Volume 1 - Chapter 4