V.3 - The Corsairs of Alcibiades

Filippi & Liberge

The Corsairs of Alcibiades - Filippi
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( 5 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Europe Comics

In 1826, Curtis, Maryline, Mike, Peter, and Lydia, five elite recoverers recruited by the top-secret Alcibiades organization, travel to Venice and Paris in search of the last clues they need to lead them to a treasure buried in the Arctic Circle. They find themselves in another battle of wits, racing against their rival, Edinger, and being pursued by a mysterious and well-armed Frenchman. All three crews are heading towards a hostile, icy terrain that holds a terrifying secret. The price of pulling off this mission runs the risk of being terribly high...

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Volume : 3/5 - The Corsairs of Alcibiades 3. The Frenchman