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Sci-Fi Scpecial Offer
50% Off Until June 15th
Sci-Fi Scpecial Offer 50% Off Until June 15th
Looking for a clever piece of science fiction at rock bottom prices? Discover our Sci-Fi special offer with Human Stock Exchange, Alter Ego, Karma City, Mermaid Project and Distant Worlds!

The american blogger Augie De Blieck Jr. (PipelineComics.com) help you to know which Sci-Fi comics series is made for you!

"This week’s sci-fi sale features five entertaining series that stand out in ways the preview text won’t tell you. Let me help you make some buying decisions:  

“Human Stock Exchange” kicks into high gear with its second volume.  The plot is getting deeper and the danger to its protagonist is getting more serious, quickly. At the same time, the artwork of Thomas Allart comes alive now that he’s the sole colorist.  It’s a different look, and a much more interesting one. It’s not quite watercolored, but the backgrounds do have a very textured look with dappled lighting and a soft mix of colors.  

“Alter Ego” has two things going for it:   First, you can read the first six books in any order.  It’s an amazing piece of plot construction from writers Denis La Pierre and Pierre-Paul Renders to make six stories that glance off each other in a variety of ways to tell one larger story. I read them straight through from volume 1 to volume 6, but I still want to go back in a few months time after the details have faded a bit from memory to read them in a different order.  
Second, “Harmony” creator Matthieu Reyes draws half of the first cycle. It’s earlier work from him and so not quite as magnificent as on his own series, but it’s still easy on the eyes.  

“Karma City” is a twist on Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, but with four rules of Karma.  Imagine a world governed by the law of Karma, where only being unselfish and working for the good of the overall community is awarded.  Then, as with so many of Asimov’s stories, imagine what happens when one of those base laws gets broken.  It’s a great high concept, and the characters in the story make it a great read, also.  

The art in “Mermaid Project” is by Fred Simon, whose style reminds me a lot of a younger Art Adams or Nick Bradshaw.  It’s filled with background details, while the characters front and center have that mix of cartooning and realism that makes for such an attractive style.  

Finally, there’s “Distant Worlds.”  It’s the closest of all these series that you’ll get to a futuristic space saga on an alien planet.  The other series all feel like they could occur in the relatively near future or a parallel world that’s not that far off from our own.  

Plus, you get a crustacean-like alien who befriends the book’s lead character. He’s the coolest character in the book.  Watch him carefully.  He’s a slippery one!  

If you wanted a recommendation from me, I’d go with “Karma City” or “Mermaid Project.”  They’re both police procedurals of a sort, but from wildly different angles. "

By Augie De Blieck Jr. PipelineComics.com

18 year old Paul, his mother and his sister land on Altair-4, a recently established human colony. They expect to be reunited with Paul's father there and start a new life, but he doesn't show up to welcome them at the spaceport... Later, they are rescued from a gang of thugs by a Stepanerk, a member of a sentient alien species. An encounter that will prove invaluable to Paul when he decides to go and look for his father...
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