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V.3 - C.6 - Sherlock


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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

After an intense struggle, the Golem escapes, sparing the lives of Sherlock and John. Back at the gallery, the bomber calls, using a child as hostage, and pressures Sherlock into proving that the suspicious painting was fake. The gallery curator admits the forgery and reveals that her accomplice is a person named Moriarty. John heads to where Andrew West’s body was discovered. Sherlock surprises him by revealing that he has been secretly investigating the case as well. Together they confront West’s finacee’s brother, and he confesses to accidentally killing him and stealing the missile plans. Sherlock retrieves the plans – however, he has no intention of returning them to Mycroft…

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Volume : 3/3 - Sherlock - Volume 3 - The Great Game - Chapter 6