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V.1 - Tank Girl

Alan Martin  & Warwick Johnson Caldwell

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

I’ve always wanted to go to a big fancy ball, but this is ridiculous! What would happen if you A.M. radio broke and you took it to a radio repair shop and your boyfriend got electrocuted and you had to get into a giant sausage with your mates and be shrunk down to the size of an amoeba and injected into your boyfriend’s bloodstream where you would travel into his testicle and discover a… hang on… THIS BOOK is what would happen if your A.M. radio broke and you took it to a radio repair shop and… SOLID STATE TANK GIRL. Meet your own private nemesis. Do battle with your inner demons. Let Tank Girl and the gang take you there, and bring you back safely, with just a mild pain in your nutsack. “Solid State Tank Girl provides a wonderful foil to mainstream superhero comics.” – It’s Comic Book Day “I enjoyed the hell out of this book… 5 out of 5 stars.” – Bag and Bored

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Volume : 1/13 - Tank Girl - Solid State Tank Girl - Volume 1