V.3 -C.1 - Bloodborne

Ales Kot & Piotr Kowalski & Brad Simpson

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The tragic origins of Eileen the Crow, fan favorite character from the Bloodborne game, revealed for the first time! A serial killer stalks Yharnam, drunk on blood… but why would a Hunter turn on those they are sworn to protect? To end their madness, Eileen must take up the Blades of Mercy and become a Hunter of Hunters. Return to Yharnam’s streets in the critically-acclaimed horror mystery series set in the world of Sony Interactive Entertainment and FromSoftware’s gothic gaming hit, Bloodborne! Ales Kot (Generation Gone, Days of Hate, Wolf) delves deeper into dark lore with artist Piotr Kowalski (Dark Tower, Robocop, Sex).

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Volume : 3/3 - Bloodborne - Volume 3 - Chapter 1