V.1 - Tank Girl

Alan Martin & Jamie Hewlett & Brett Parson & Warwick Johnson Caldwell

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

After a break of 20 years, Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett (GORILLAZ) is back! His first comic in decades is crazy, revolutionary, mind-altering, and beautiful. In 21 Tank Girl, Jamie rejoins writer Alan Martin and six other artists (some Tank Girl Stalwarts, some newcomers) to produce a book of epic stupidity. This is Tank Girl for a new age. Get your head down, put your hands over your private parts, and prepare for a relentless onslaught of comics, pin-ups, poems, short stories, and needless random carnage! “Unapologetically amoral, outspoken and brash…” – Comic Crusaders

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Volume : 1/14 - Tank Girl - 21st Century Tank Girl - Volume 1