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V.4 - EC Archives

Jack Davis

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Publisher's summary Dark Horse

Collecting Two-Fisted Tales issues #36-#41, this volume features--in fully remastered digital color--the work of comic book greats Jack Davis, Colin Dawkins, John Putnam, Jerry DeFuccio, George Evans, Reed Crandall, and John Severin! Foreword by Colleen Coover! Before Two- Fisted Tales burst onto the scene in 1950, war comics were largely unsophisticated, focusing only on action and adventure--wartime propaganda, essentially. But under the editorial direction of Harvey Kurtzman--who also penned the majority of the stories therein--Two- Fisted Tales dared to examine all the horror and madness to be found on the battlefield.

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Volume : 4/4 - The EC Archives: Two-Fisted Tales Volume 4