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Milos Slavkovic


Publisher's summary Dark Horse

Part Space Opera, part hard Science Fiction, Lightstep ties faster- than-light travel to its obvious time-bending realities, and wraps it all in adventure, action, and a universe alive with alien vistas. Alien worlds, a star-spanning empire, and rogues and rebels seeking a weapon hidden in the transmissions of a radio drama from Earth thousands of years ago. It's a mix that sounds like it couldn't work, but visionary creator Miloš Slavković; brings it all together in a seemingly effortless romp. January Lee is of royal descent, part of the ruling class that lives out their lives on accelerated, "Lightstepped" worlds, where a single day is a lifetime on a normal planet. But her "holy ailment," which allows her to see the truth behind the Primogenitor's lies, marks her for banishment to the outer worlds. But an unexpected rescue sets January on a course to overthrow the empire her family founded and change the galaxy forever. Collects issues #1-#5 of the series.

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