T.1 - The Bleiberg Project

Serge Le Tendre & Peynet F & S. Khara

The Bleiberg Project - Serge Le Tendre

Résumé de l’éditeur Europe Comics

The life of Jeremy Corbin, an unhappy, alcoholic Wall Street trader, takes a drastic turn when he learns shocking news about his long-lost father. He soon finds himself headed to Switzerland to pick up a mysterious safe deposit box whose contents hold the key to a terrible secret: horrific experiments carried out by the Nazis during WWII in their quest to create the Superman. With modern-day Nazis on his tail, a pretty, wise-cracking CIA agent assigned to protect him, and a deadly spy from Israeli intelligence blasting onto the scene at the most critical moments, his early-morning cocktail is suddenly the last thing on Jeremy's mind.

Suite du résumé

Tome : 1/3 - 1. Ghosts of the Past