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V.2 - Disney Manga: Descendants

Jason Muell  & Natsuki Minami


Résumé de l’éditeur Tokyopop

Step one: get Ben to fall in love with Mal. Step two: steal Fairy Godmother's wand at Ben's coronation. Step three: release their parents from the Isle of the Lost. It was a foolproof evil scheme, but Mal, Evie Ben, and Carlos are beginning to get used to their comfortable new lives in Auradon. Mal's even beginning to feel uneasy about manipulating Ben's emotions. Can they still go through with their plans to destroy the United States of Auradon? Follow along as the VKs make some of the biggest decisions of their lives... for better or for worse.

Suite du résumé

Tome : 2/2 - Disney Manga: Descendants - The Rotten to the Core Trilogy Book 2