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 Discover Our Super Reader's Favorites

Discover Our Super Reader's Favorites

Why they fancy writing about comics ?

Batoy says: "It's really fun to review comics. I feel that it makes the reading more interesting, since you have to actively think about your opinion of the book. It's a nice challenge to put into words your thoughts on a story, and it adds another layer to the reading experience."

Esta loves "Writing reviews. It is like sharing a great book with friends. It is about expressing yourself on what makes you dream, think, giggle, or rebel (and be witty about it !)… While being creative, without having to follow a preset format. "

Blackwaters knows the bottom line: "Writing about comics is a fun way to build up my library for free, and discover comics. It’s that stepping out of the comfort zone, that is thrilling. Even more when people actually read them !"